Dollar Store Franchise Information Fast Start Guide

By Neil Janos

In both large and small communities, dollar stores have quickly become the new center of the shopping world for clothes, household products and yes, even food. By offering outstanding value, today’s dollar stores even has consumers who have cut back on everything else returning for repeat purchases. If you’re in the market for a good investment with solid returns, a dollar store may be an excellent choice. Researching dollar store franchise information can help you avoid trying to make it on your own and discover the simple easy way to own and operate your dollar store.

What exactly is a Franchise?

Basically, a franchise is a way to latch onto the coat tails of an established brand with a proven marketing plan in order to launch your business as fast as possible. When you join a particular franchise, you are agreeing to follow the brand requirements of that company like using specified signage, keeping certain items in stock and participating in the marketing promotions the parent company creates. By joining a franchise and paying the required fees, you get to benefit from the support and enormous marketing power of these multi-million dollar brands.

Dollar stores that are currently open for franchise opportunities include:


Your Dollar Store With More

Dollar Tree

Dollar Castle

Family Dollar

What You Need to Open a Dollar Store

Every business demands adequate preparation to achieve success. This includes having sufficient starting capital and a good business plan. Don’t worry, if you have no experience writing a business plan, expert guidance is available. Simply contact the Senior Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE) or Small Business Administration (SBA) to get free business counseling services. You can find both companies and related services by contacting your Chamber of Commerce.

Once you’ve got your business plan in hand, it’s time to work on getting whatever funds you’ll need. Of course, you need to check the particulars of each company’s dollar store franchise information for the specific funding requirements, but most companies will require a minimum of around $50,000 for start-up. If that feels like a huge amount of cash to come up with, don’t forget your business plan can help you get access to low interest loans to cover much of the necessary funding.

Don’t limit your funding requests to just banks because the SBA can be a good funding source, too. The government provides low-interest loans through several programs which are geared to small business start-ups, and minority- and women- owned companies. A warning is in order here; you should avoid organizations offering to provide info for a fee, on free grants from the government to small business owners. Hold onto your cash as these grants don’t actually exist. All of the programs offered by the government for business owners consist of either tax credits or loans.

After you have gathered all the information you need, it’s critical that you let the company know you want to open a franchise in your area. Many companies have franchise restrictions in place like the amount of distance between stores that must be observed. If your chosen area is qualified for a franchise, you will then be given an account manager who can help you understand the process of establishing your store, buying the necessary inventory and successfully launching your business, all of which will provide valuable dollar store franchise information.

One more thing, it is crucial that before you sign the franchise contract you have your attorney go over it with you. Each franchise company has its own franchise agreement with different clauses and requirements you will be expected to abide by, so it’s very important that you fully understand all the clauses and what’s expected of you before you commit with your signature.

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